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“Preserving your history… celebrating your life”




WE ALL HAVE IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN OUR LIVES  who are no longer with us.


What do you wish you knew about them that you don’t know now?


What stories did they tell you that you wish you could hear again?


And what lessons about life did they teach you that you wish your children and grandchildren could also hear and learn from?


WOULDN’T IT BE WONDERFUL if you had at your fingertips a permanent Audio CD or Video DVD recording of the important loved ones in your life sharing  just those kinds of stories and experiences?


Stories told, challenges faced, and laughter shared that will continue to connect you to them, and to generations to come in an intimate first person narrative that captures their unique personality and lifetimes worth of experience and wisdom?


LIFESTORIES IS HERE TO HELP YOU CAPTURE THOSE MEMORIES FOREVER! We guide our clients through a low pressure and  completely enjoyable process that creates a high quality, permanent personal history ,complete with photos’ and music, that becomes your family’s treasured heirloom and source of inspiration for you, your loved ones, and generations that will follow you into the future.


TAKE A MOMENT TO THINK ABOUT THIS… who would you love to be able to hear or see again?
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ISN’T IT TIME  TO MAKE SURE those memories are kept alive and passed on to future generation?


LIFESTORIES IS HERE TO HELP YOU DO JUST THAT, our mission is to “Preserve Your History While Celebrating Your Life”